Friday, October 29, 2010


Yesterday, my dear Erwin just reminded me that a few days back marked my one year of blogging and that I should have done something special about it. Yes, time sure flies and one year may seem like a long time to some, but to me it was like a twinkling of an eye, just the way I like it because I have always wanted time to pass as quickly as possible, though I know that that also means I will be getting older faster too and will soon have to be dealing with all the negative aspects of ageing. *grin*

But back to blogging, I must say it's been a wonderful journey, this past year, with lots of ups and downs, sweat and tears--I remember when I first started blogging, I received negative comments about my boobs being too big, and that my blog was not considered a fashion blog, etc.They were very hurtful, to say the least, and whoever said those things were probably miserable cowards hiding behind their computers and tearing at others who have done nothing against them just to make themselves feel better. I know I can't please everyone, but one thing I know, criticizing other people's looks and body is a no-no, especially when you find out that in RL that is exactly how they look like--big boobs, short, etc and their SL avatars are just a representation of what they really are in real. But thanks to a few kind souls in SL and in the fashion blogging world, I learnt to soldier on, improve (hopefully), and bascially blog what's from my heart.

Speaking of heart, I find that my biggest fulfillment and joy is to blog for designers who are, first and foremost, nice and kind people, who have potential to get better at what they are doing, or who are already very good but not very well-known (yet) for some reason. I know many bloggers blog only what they like, and I do that too, but I also blog to encourage designers, especially the up and coming ones who show a lot of talent even if they are not quite there yet (even this is subjective), and over time I have seen them improve by leaps and bounds! Like most bloggers, I am not paid for blogging, but when I see these nice designers getting the recognition they deserve (hopefully in part because of my blogging for them *heh*), the feeling I get is more than what lindens can buy.

So, there really is no need to do anything special or to celebrate my one year of blogging--to be able to look back now and rejoice at the good (and even at the not-so-good memories) and to have forged some really rare but firm friendships with a few fellow bloggers and content creators are all the celebration I need.

And of course, above all, I am always thankful to my dear Erwin, who first taught me the technical aspects of blogging (how to get started, how to use web albums, how to copy codes etc when all this was such a blur to a highly non-tech person like me *hee*), without whom there would never have been Crazy About SL Fashion, and who has been my greatest source of comfort and a pillar of strength through it all.  Thank you Erwin dear! xxxxx


  1. yes Mistress, you are right but where are the pictures???

  2. That's the special today, no pics! Oh actually, YOU were supposed to provide me with pics:-)) xxx

  3. Besides wishing you a happy blog anniversary, I have to thank you for being one of the nicest people on this planet. Just cause you are :)

  4. Aww thank you so much Moniq, you don't know how much that means to me, and thank you too for the encouragement and for being a friend:-)) hugssss

  5. have one year...Happy anniversary from me too *hugs* and wish you many years of great posts ahead, because you are good at this*s*

  6. Ohh thank you Annomis, and I love your posts too, can't wait to see some more new ones, and miss you in plurk too! hugsssssssssssss


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