Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Halloween Ready!

CandyMetal is a store full of pleasant surprises and more for me because every now and then I find fantastic outfits at incredibly low prices! Ever since I first featured CandyMetal in my previous post here (just scroll further down), I've always made it a point to visit that store regularly so I don't miss out on any of their goodies! And I sure wasn't disappointed when I was there the other day and found these great deals just in time for Halloween! But they are available for a limited time only (I think), so hurry!

Dress: Halloween Gift Black (includes skin, gloves and purse) from CandyMetal--1L
Shoes: Spike Pump Grey from Envy Designs--lucky board gift
Glasses: Silly Goggles from Berries--free

Outfit: Special Halloween Outfit from CandyMetal (includes belt, boots and bracelets)--1L

Hair in all pics: Mia from Simply Britnee--free

Location: ZombiePopcorn or Bust

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