Sunday, October 3, 2010

Gimme Trash!

Urban Trash, that is! The other day I had the privilege of meeting Cheesecake Adored (what a cute yummy name!), owner of Urban Trash, which sells all kinds of accessories, tattoos, footwear and apparel for the young and young at heart. Here you will find anything from casual to urban chic to punk, including a Midnight Mania board with a very low target and gatcha machines.And what's more, there's nothing over 100L! So what are you waiting for?

Cut Off Shirt (pink) with Low Rise Jeans (teal), Kickers (pink), Flower Headband (teal rose), Nerdie Star Glasses (teal), Pearl Heart Necklace (teal) and Flower Bracelet (teal)

Cut Off Shirt (yam) with Flash Jeans (turquoise), Waist Hoodie (pink blue) and Kickers (blue)

Polka Me Up (purple) with Flash Jeans (black) and Kickers (black)

Cut Off Shirt (bleach) with Low Rise Jeans (teal), Fall Scarf (black), Flower Headband (red rose), Flower Bracelet (red) and Kickers (black)

Urban Rings

More colours!

Taxi to Urban Trash--happy shopping! Smiley

Thank you Cheesecake!xxx

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