Friday, October 29, 2010

New from LiNe!

LiNe is back with a new collection of super sexy mini dresses and super short mini skirt outfits Woot! I love the bright cheerful neon colours and the fact that there's such a wide range to choose from! These are some of my favourites...

Storm (includes two skirt options)

Lala & Suzy

Pirtik & Yumos

Poses: Posies
Taxi to LiNe

Thank you Zippir!


  1. Such lovely pictures, I don't know what is it about men's phisiology that makes us drool over the sight of their woman with her nipples barely, just barely exposed.... and the Neon colored dress right at the beginning is absolutely astonishing.

  2. lol Erwin! At least that proves you're a man! muachhh!

  3. Nice colection and nice pictures. the first was my favorite!
    Kisses and kisses
    purrrr ;)

  4. Aww thank you Miaui! Oh yes I love Zippir's collection too, she sure makes fantastic outfits!xxxxxxxxx


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