Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Last Call for Cilian'gel Goodies!

OK everyone, this is the last call for Cilian'gel goodies before the month of October ends! There are hunt and MM board prizes, dollarbies, cheapies and more! Here's a quick look:

Nevermore Haunted Maze Hunt: 3 treats and 1 trick!
Got Skeleton? top--comes in white and black too (treats)
Scary Newbie Witches Head and Hat (definitely a trick)!
Taxi to Nevermore Island for the hunt!

Got Ghost?--group gift (tp here)

Left: Got Moon? (with 3 hat versions)--lucky board gift (latest release--limited time on the board)
Right: Got Voodoo?--Voodoo Doll Hunt gift

Left to right: Got Shield?--MM Board prize, Got Brew?--dollarbie, Got Kitties?--Bats & Cats Hunt

Got Caroll?--fatpack set for only 25L!! (includes 10 tops of different colours and lengths matched with black and blue denims in various styles too)!

Poses: Posies
Hurry down to Cilian'gel Boutique today before October comes to an end!

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