Thursday, October 28, 2010

Fantastic Deals at Victoria Endsleigh!

Wow there are so many new dresses, gowns, lingerie and pant outfits at Victoria Endsleigh that you will really be spoilt for choice! Most come complete with skin, hair, accessories and some footwear which is what I love about Victoria's creations and many are sold at only 60L! I also love her store's new look and the serenity of the beach nearby, so I took all my pics there, including one in the toilet! *hee*

Fushia Faith Gown--includes hair, accessories and skin (not worn here)--60L

Dee--includes hair and skin (not worn here)--60L

Saturday--includes hair, lingerie, skin (not worn here) and even a dance anim!--60L

Shine--includes hair, accessories and skin (not worn here)--60L

Rodeo Drive--includes hair, hat and boots--60L (pic taken in front of Pink Shabbychic Wardrobe from Bella Mistwood at Victoria Endsleigh)

Princess--includes tiara, shoes and skin (not worn here)--60L

Catwalk Chic--includes hair, hat, necklace and skin (not worn here)--60L

Distressed Denim--includes choker and skin (not worn here)--new!

Hip and Chic--includes hair and skin (not worn here)--new!

Imagine Lingerie--hair included--dollarbie!

Poses: oOo, doll, Posies
Taxi to Victoria Endsleigh Couture

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