Monday, February 1, 2010

That's What Friends Are For

I was just enjoying some peace and quiet today when who should contact me but fellow shopaholic and dear friend, Tesh? But of course her shopping addiction was far worse than mine (in my opinion at least *grin*), I mean, if I could, I would have signed her up for Shopaholic Anonymous! *hehe*

Anyway, Tesh teleported me to this god-forsaken sim (like a good friend would when she finds something interesting to share*grin*) where everything was dark and misty yet with an unusual aura about it that was both mystifying and disquieting. Then before I knew it, I found myself stuck fast to this gigantic, nausea-inducing spider web!!! Poor Tesh tried to help but she had a deep fear of spiders herself (bless her)... comes Gavin, hope he doesn't claim to have arachnophobia as well LOL!

Yay! Free at last! Now THAT's what friends are for!!

Ok now back to the more serious stuff (grin)!

Dress: Pepper from A Piece of Candy--free (group gift)
Hair: Midge (includes colour changeable hair band) by Katey from FabFree--free
Earrings: Heart Drop Earrings from Gauddie--free (welcome gift)

Necklace: QQ Pink Pearl Necklace from Xstreet--3L

Bracelets: Rhapsody (Daddy's Girl) from Boom
Shoes: BM Candy Girl Pumps (colour change hud included) from Baby Monkey--free (group gift)

P.S: Oh and I just want to tell you my dear readers that my very first post for Tesh's blog entitled 'Love Hurts-And You Like It!' has been published at:

which will not be duplicated in my own blog:-)) Hope you all will like it!! xxxx

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