Sunday, January 31, 2010

Go Green

When I heard that Xanthe of Curvy Silhouettes had created a petite version of the sexy Emile shape, I just had to get it for myself, and this time it's only 10L!!! What a steal for something so yummy (not to mention all the hours of hard work too on Xanthe's part)!! And for some reason, I'm still on the retro theme, well maybe not 100% retro, but close (grin)..

Shape: Emile Petite from Curvy Silhouettes--1oL
Dress: Twist Dress from Haute Fashion--free
Hair: Arigatou (includes bow with colour change options) by W&Y from Savoir Hair--free
Necklace and Earrings: Square Necklace (with matching earrings and colour options) from Periquita --free (Shoes and Accessories Hunt)
Bangle: part of All About Me Dress Ensemble from MPD--1L (for the whole ensemble)
Shoes: Volt from Relentless Couture--1L (for a box containing 10 pairs of shoes in assorted colours)

Looks like it's self-service here...

Think I blend quite well with the surroundings...

A closer look..


  1. Beautiful Lisa.. and btw My fave color is green =D

  2. Aww thanks Aubrey, and glad you like that colour:))) hugsss


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