Thursday, January 7, 2010

Super Sassy!

I had never heard of Sassy! till designer Ivy Burner sent me a package to review, and boy was I glad she introduced me to her line of sexy and affordable clothes!! I went to check out her shop and found that she also sold well-known brands such as SLC and Trendstyle, but everything under the Sassy! label is her own creation. Her designs are suitable for just about anyone, from the more conservative to the more daring, and there are also two sexy dollarbies and a subscriber gift!! Take a look:-

I will start with the yummy subscriber gift: Wet 'n Wild Silver (which includes different style options and stockings too). Hair is *18 black from Barberyumyum.

Here is the version with sheer top and pasties... is the non-sheer version..

...and here I am with the bikini version..

This style also comes in red, just as yummy, though not free..

Now here are the sexy dollarbies: Raven Blue and Slippery Emerald (which comes with two types of bottoms). My Elora hair is from Glitter, black stilettos are from Kira's&Jessi's and black Glamour gloves are from Luck.

I just couldn't resist adding a whip to this one *grins*...(Dragon's Tail Whip from Dictatorshop, black latex boots from The Dominion Fashion District--previous gift).

Ok now the rest below are not free, but I just had to show you what's in store...

Here are the Velocity Corset dresses in hot pink and solid black and my Vesper hair is from HCT.

There are also Open Heart Sweater pant sets which I matched with Nicole hair from Glitter.

...and there is so much more at Sassy!

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