Saturday, January 16, 2010

Affordable Luxury

I came across Luxurious World some time ago (see post: Hot Dresses for Cold Climate at and fell in love with the simple elegance of the clothes and of course with the reasonable prices too-most of the items in the shop are 100L or less. Take a look at some of the offerings here:

This is one of my favourites...
Dress: Survivor (just love the name *grin*)--85L
Hair: 55 from W&Y Hair--1L
Jewellery: from Lois Designs--1L (Party Hunt)

Now this next dress I had to camp for 30 minutes to get it, and it's simply named 'January Item Chair Goodie...
Hair: 29 from W&Y--1L

Ok I know I blogged about this before last October, but since it is one of my favourites too, I just had to take fresh pics with this dress..just love this shade of orange, though it may not be warm enough for winter *grin* and this giant rabbit proved to cute to resist...

Dress: Winter Dress--100L
Hair: new 89 from W&Y

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