Thursday, January 14, 2010

Beau-tiful As Ever!!

Some time ago I blogged about this gorgeous dress/gown named 'Brigette' from Tres Beau (see post: Tres Beau-tiful!! at, and I remember how awed I was by the shimmery fabric and unique design. Since then, the Tres Beau brand has expanded, the designs are still one of a kind and the fabrics are as luxurious as ever, thanks to Kimmera Madison, the creative force behind Tres Beau. Today I am wearing this beautiful gown named "Jazz" Silvered from Tres Beau, through the courtesy of Kimmera Madison, Gloss hair from Tekuteku and Joy necklace from Elisabeth's Store.

Note the beautiful intricate details on the bodice...

Thank you Kimmera for creating such an amazing gown!!!


  1. I loved this post. You made me go buy the gold. Holy naked-looking dress against my skin batman! I hope they let me in the ballrooms with this on. :)

  2. hey Kilolo, so glad you like it, and I think if you take advantage of the dim ballroom lights, you should be quite safe!! LOL


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