Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Parting The Red Sea

Now that Valentine's Day is over and the Chinese New Year season (which lasts fifteen days) is coming to an end, it's time for the sea of reds, pinks and shades in between to make way for other colours, even if for awhile, and the vibrant colours of these lovely creations from The Faerie Wind by its talented and equally lovely designer Janire Coba are truly a welcome sight indeed and a breath of fresh air...

All dresses and gowns from The Faerie Wind
Hair in all pics : Endra from Analog Dog Hair

Party Dress I (with detachable wings)--1L

Party Dress III (with detachable wings)--1L

Oreade (two skirt options)--50L


Meliade (with detachable wings)--50L (courtesy of Janire--thanks Janire! Muachhh!)

Annis (two skirt options)--50L

With such a beautiful collection, it's quite hard to decide which ones I love most, but if I really had to choose, I think my favourites will have to be Oreade and Meliade:-)) But do join The Faerie Wind group because Janire's latest dresses and gowns are usually at 10L for about 48 hours only, after which they will be sold at 50L (which is still quite a steal)!! Oh, and Janire has just sent out notices about a new gown at 10L even as I write!!! Janire, wait for meeeeee!!!!


  1. All of the pictures are very very beautiful, but esp. the party dress I. Wow, such a nice green, and wings and this wood scene. Such nice photographs.


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