Thursday, February 11, 2010

In Paradis(e)is Again!!

When my dear friend Xanthe told me there was a sale at one of my favourite stores Paradisis, I cancelled all other engagements just to go check it out! The dress I blogged about earlier (see post titled: 'In Paradis(e)is!' was also on sale! Hurry though, I think the sale will end on Valentine's Day!

Dress: Angel from Paradisis--50L (sale)
Bracers and Arm Bracer: Pure from Paradisis
Jewellery: Token of Friendship from Rhiamon's Realm--60L
Hair: Elora (includes headband) from Glitter

Dress: Streets Girl (includes choker and hand beads) from Paradisis--50L (sale)
Hair: Nicole from Glitter

Thanks again Xanthe!! You sure know what I like!! Muachh!


  1. Oh wow..I love those colours on you! Great work Lisa! Thats sweater dress is gorgeous! Hugzxxxxxx

  2. Aww thanks again Xanthe, what would I do without your tips and encouragement?? MUACHHHH!


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