Monday, February 15, 2010

So Spoiled

I must say most fashion designers in SL are really a very generous lot, it's because of their quality freebies that we are spoiled for choice without even having to spend one linden, to the point that we sometimes don't know what to wear simply because there are just so many options and all equally pretty. The lovely freebie dress below (which I matched with quality freebie accessories as well) pretty much sums it all up, and it's so aptly named too:-))

Dress: Spoiled from G Sloane Couture--free
Bracelet: Pearl Bracelet (with colour change hud) from Fairy Tail--free
Necklace: Premura from Twinkeberry at Alter Ego--free
Shoes: Sinfonia from Pelletteria Morrisey-free (V Day gift)
Hair: 058 from White Well

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