Sunday, February 14, 2010

Nice Change

This shiny gold sequin freebie is so cute I just had to get it, especially during this Valentine season when most freebies are either red or pink or shades of both, not that I'm complaining, just something different for a change:-))

Dress: Mocha from RBZ--free
Hair: Swing from Tekuteku
Jewellery: Gold Diamante Necklace and Earrings from Dionysia--1L


  1. Mistress you forgot to mention the wedding ring. It's from JCNY, costed me a fortune Mistress.

    And btw, you look gorgeous in this dress, almost like your RL, and as always great photos, vivid colors just that in the pic your hair is stuck under your necklace... but never mind I am a perfectionist I know, I know (that's why I am with you Miss Perfect)

    Happy valentine's day dearie,


  2. haha erwin dear,that ring has been talked about too often already! Happy V -day to you too dearie! MUACHHH!


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