Monday, February 22, 2010


This cute dress reminds me of the psychedelic 60's...colourful, confused, attention-grabbing--think I kinda like it:-))

Dress: Private Dancer Mini Dress from HOX--free
Shoes: Pink Love from TGIS--free (group gift)
Hair: Cleom (includes colour hud for hair band) from LiNe
Bag: Paris Pink from Malt--free (group gift)


  1. Oh my God, Baby!!

    What a dress, such vivid colors, and what an excellent setting that matches the colors, I think maybe this is the best post I have ever seen and I am objective!!

    Maybe you should rename the title to "psychiatric" just as a way to express what you are doing to me :)


  2. hehe thank you erwin dearie, and WHAT am I doing to you exactly? LOL

  3. TYSVM for bloging my dress. I am so happy you enjoyed it :)


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