Monday, February 8, 2010

Playing With My Heart

Well actually I was just having some fun with the new heart-shaped gift from Posies (which contains quite a few cute poses) and with the hat that comes with the new red giftie hair from ChiChickie :-)) I also decided to try the skin from Pink Fuel that my dear friend Xanthe told me about (and that has been all over the feeds) since it seems to go better with the red hair...

Dress: White Corset (includes matching jewellery and heels) from Meghindo's--125L
Bracelet: Imperial Flower set (includes matching necklace and earrings not worn here) from Ceriano Designs--60L Sundays (for the whole set)
Hair in all pics : Tabbie Love (with colour changeable hat) from ChiChickie--free (group gift)
Skin in all pics: Skye (Milk) Pink Sugar from Pink Fuel--50L (Valentine's Bazzar)

Dress: Simply Glit from Meghindo's-75L
Shoes: Prissy (Ocean Blue) from VDI
Bracelet: Summer Song from Zuri--free
Necklace: Pearl Necklace Cross Diamond from Brillante--1ooL (sale)


  1. OOhh looks delicious! Surprised that chocolate didn't melt!. Love the red hait & hat too! Hugzxxxxx

  2. awww thanks Xanthe!!! Glad it didn't melt either LOL! xxxxxx


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