Sunday, February 7, 2010

Labour of Love

During this Valentine season, instead of showering each other with gifts, Erwin and I decided that working together towards a common goal will further cement our love, and I can't agree more! So here we are, already in a Chinese New Year mood (which happens to fall on the same day as V-day this year), as you can see in our um...not so traditional clothes..*grin*

Our labour of love..Erwin labours and I love it *hee*!!

Maybe we should just order a pizza...

This better be worth it...

Stop playing with your chopsticks dear...

My outfit: Osma from Feel China--free (group gift)

Hair: Earth from Magika--free

Necklace: from Tama--free (Welcoming The Tiger Hunt gift)

Ballet Slippers: from Honeybear's--free (Shoes and Accessories Hunt)

Erwin's outfit: from Wild Thing


  1. aawww that's sweet labour to both of you hehe ^^

  2. oh yeahh, especially when Erwin does most of the work behind the scenes which is not shown in the pics here LOL!


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