Thursday, February 4, 2010

So Sassy!

I have blogged about Sassy! quite a few times now (see posts under: 'Super Sassy!', 'Lust', 'Tattered from Sassy'), but I still haven't got enough of designer Ivy Burner's line of sexy, chic and affordable dresses, such as this green one here which she sent to me for review..

Dress: from Sassy!--review copy
Shoes: Classic Platform Pumps from KoKo--100L
Jewellery: Night Tinker from Shine Jewellery
Hair: from Oh--free (group gift-- This is still my favourite short hair ever since my dear friend Xanthe introduced it to me! Thanks again Xanthe! xxxx)

P.S. For more latest release from Sassy!, see my post under 'Sassy! and the City' in Tesh's blog at:

Thanks again Ivy for such a lovely dress!!xxxx

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