Thursday, February 25, 2010

Pretty Elemiah Dollarbies

I first heard about Elemiah Design during the Shoes and Accessories Hunt and immediately fell in love with the delicate and pretty dresses and lingerie, and when I re-visited the store recently, I was delighted to find that there is a corner for dollarbies as well...

Dress: Play 6 from Elemiah Design--1L
Hair in all pics: Vivi from Junwave--40L
Jewellery: Fascination Set from Moon Dance Designs

Dress: 4You2 (earrings and scarf included) from Elemiah Design--1L


  1. And again, look at the first setting, the purple/red trees combined with the purple dress, such a nice scene. How do you combine all of these? Do you memorize somewhere all the nice spots in sl that you visited and then at the right minute your run over there with your purple dress? Nice, very nice sweetie.

  2. Um...that's outside our home dearie!! LOL! Shows how busy you've been in RL! muachhh!


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