Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Weekend Deals at Mercy Style!

Lately I find myself visiting Mercy Style quite often because I just can't get enough of designer MercyL's pretty vintage dresses and I'm also quite drawn to the cozy relaxed atmosphere of the shop which has recently undergone a major makeover with 'shabby chic' distressed textures and pastel blue hues. And this weekend, all these beautiful dresses and cute casual outfits seen here below (most of which come complete with shoes and hair) will be on sale for only 60L each! So make sure you don't miss these fantastic deals!

Herb Garden Gown (includes hair, hair flower, bead necklace and cigarette with holder)

French Country Gown (hair and shoes included)

Red Roses Gown (includes hair and gloves, jewellery not included)

Melancholy Rose Gown (shoes included, wearing hair from Red Roses Gown)

Dandelion Pink Gown (includes hair and accessories)

Posey Outfit (booties included, wearing hair from Green Dayz)

Green Dayz (includes lingerie, shoes and hair)

Taxi to Mercy Style


  1. The last two are my favorites. Sexy! :P

  2. Thank you Corina! I know you like pant outfits! hugsss


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