Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Vintage Goodness at Lemania's

Today's specials from Lemania feature two beautiful vintage dresses--one is a flapper dress with a playful fringe skirt, matching shoes and hair that hark back to the Jazz Age of the roaring 20's while the other is a gorgeous gown in rich velvet that comes with hat and lingerie with optional jacket.

Bees Knees (includes hair and shoes)--100L (24 hours only)

Blue Velvet (includes hat, shoes and lingerie)--100L (24 hours only), worn with Madrid hair from Simply Britnee

Blue Velvet again--A different look without the jacket and hat, worn with Loops of Diamonds jewellery set and Elegance hair also from Lemania (all sold separately)

Taxi to Lemania


  1. Amazing photographs! Love those gorgeous outfits!

  2. Thank you Lila! It took me hours just to find the right backdrop! And Lemania's designs are a real inspiration!

  3. great pics , I like the way you choose your backgrounds for the clothes...

  4. And you look stunning every.single.time! How do you do it? :))

  5. Thank you Annomis, usually the clothes inspire me (and also if I have enough time *hehe*) xxxx

    And Corina, thank you too for your kind comments! I'll tell you the rest in IM! *LOL*


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