Sunday, January 2, 2011

Silver--My Take!

This week's colour silver for Luna Jubilee's 52 Weeks of Colour Challenge is another of my favourites *yippee!!* and of course I took this as another excuse to buy myself something, especially since it's also the New Year! However, the more I look at this silver dress the whiter it seems to get! Or is it because of the icy surroundings? Anyway, silver or white or half and half *hee*, I know I'm going to be wearing this gorgeous dress (by a designer I love) for quite awhile!

Dress: Belle (includes choker and hair not worn here, gloves, stockings and shoes) from Mercy Style--60L weekend
Hair: Lee from DrLife
Jewellery: Diamonds n Pearls from Shelly LeMay--free (landmark exchange gift)
Skin: Mia from Filthy--January group gift
Eyelashes: v16 tattoo layer from Garage--50L
Poses: Izumiya


  1. silver or white ... whatever ... you look stunning ;-)

  2. Thank you Corina! *evil grins back* LOL

  3. My take on silver is that currently it is a little bit over bought at 31.03$ but after it corrects sharply to ~22$ it should then continue to march on higher and higher this year... it may reach 50$, or even more.

  4. LOL Erwin,you and your precious silver!


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