Sunday, January 16, 2011

My Take on Indigo!

What I have put together today for Luna Jubilee's 52 Weeks of Color Challenge is a rather mixed bag of items old and new, free and non-free, and hopefully the final look is indigo enough!

Top and Pants: part of Grace Blue Waves Silver Gown from Glitter--January group gift
Fur: part of Piu Blue Dress from Elemiah Design--free (see my previous post here)
Jewellery: Larimar & Topaz Teardrop Jewellery set from Eolande--Anniversary gift
Shoes: Bagatelle (with texture hud) from NCparis--previous profile pick gift
Hair: Mia from Simply Britnee--previous gift
Skin: Aimee 'Love Blue' from Lara Hurley Skin--previous gift
Blue Eyeliner: from Musa--January gift
Eyes: Grand Ocean from Umedama Holic
Poses: Slash Me Poses


  1. That's a spectacular look! I love it! <3

  2. Absolutely stunning! I completely love the skirt on that dress♥♥

  3. Soo pretty! I got the blue eyeliner too :D

  4. Thank you Corina! Yeah I think she sent the eyeliner to everyone? I was pleasantly surprised to get it:-))

  5. I think it was a subscriber gift, so yeah. I just remember thinking wow it would have been great for the indigo post. And you used it ^^

  6. Yeah it sure came just in time for this post Corina! hehe


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