Sunday, January 30, 2011

Lemania's Specials!

Two complete opposites from Lemania today--one is a Victorian-inspired gown with matching shoes and the other a present-day casual pastel blue outfit that includes a pair of pearl earrings and cute clogs! 

Carolina Morn (shoes included) from Lemania--100L (limited time)
Sophia hair (with lace and pearls) from Beautiful Dirty Rich

Naturally Blue (earrings and clogs included) from Lemania--100L (limited time)
SpringFling clutch from auTre--subscriber group gift
Eva hair from Exile--free

In both pics:
Stone Pebbles Necklace from Lemania--50L (weekend special)
Poses: Gesticulate, Marukin


  1. Really nice shadows! And I like the hair! And the dress! And everything! *faints*

  2. Thank you Lila and Corina *lol* !!! hugss both


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