Monday, January 24, 2011


I'm lovin' these new leather pant sets from Immerschoen Girl that accentuate your curves in all the right places (or curves you never thought you had)! Smiley

PantsImmerschoen Girl Leather Pants 'Belt-Wish'--This is a personalized custom belt available with the leather pants and sculpted leg cuffs--I just lurrve having my name on the belt! Thank you Nici! MUACHHH!
VestImmerscheon Girl Leather Vest/Gilet 'laced' (black)
*hair with hat, choker, earrings, bracelets, nails and boots not included

Pants: Immerschoen Girl Leather Pants 'Laced' (black)--comes with regular and sculpted prim cuffs versions
Vest: Immerschoen Girl Leather Vest/Gilet 'Stickers' (black) 1
*hair, earrings, necklace, gloves and boots not included

Immerschoen Girl Leather Set 'Julia' (black/white)--includes leather pants with belt, white casual blouse, option of leather vest/blouse combination or leather vest alone and arm bangle 'zebra'
*hair, hat, earrings, rings, nails and boots not included

Taxi to Immerschoen Fashion
Poses: Agapee


  1. That's illegally sexy! You know, that, don't you? <3

  2. Immerschoen has hot stuff but you make it look even hotter *looks at the cleavage* :P

  3. LOL Moniq, ty and no, I didn't know that *hehe* xxxx

    And ty too Corina! xxxx But where's my 'evil grin'? LOL

  4. omg, wow thank you so much Lisa....very, very nice photos!!! thanks again....nici

  5. It was my pleasure Nici, you make such fantastic outfits! hugssss


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