Sunday, January 30, 2011

My Take on Emerald

When I saw this week's colour for Luna Jubilee's 52 Weeks of Colour Challenge, my first reaction was, "Oh no not green again!" because like I mentioned in my previous post (here), I don't have that many items in that colour. It took me quite awhile before I finally found this gorgeous shimmery dress from Nicky Ree and a pair of lovely satin green shoes from S@SS, both of which were bought more than a year ago (I think). I matched them with this exquisite jewellery set from Zuri's and one of my favourite up-dos with pretty little petal accessories from W&Y, and together, here's my take on emerald!

Dress: Spring Romance Satin from Nicky Ree
Hair: 66 from W&Y
Jewellery: Chantelle's Heart (with texture hud) from Jewelry by Zuri--1000 members group gift
Shoes: Single Colour Bow Footsie-Fern (with texture hud) from S@SS
Poses: Agapee


  1. Oh are stunnng!! =)
    This is just so very lovely, great job!

  2. gorgeous lady you are there again:)

  3. OOOOH Lisa I love this look on you, you say you dont wear much green but this is so pretty... the pale emerald colour in the sunlight is stunning!!!

  4. Thank you Annomis!xxxx

    And thank you Rudhmellowen! But it's true I don't wear much green-I think I filed this one under 'mint' *LOLOL*

  5. Gorgeous, girl! Your photos are out of this world, I love them!

  6. So pretty! And your shots are wonderful!

  7. a beautiful outfit ... and love the whole scene ... and this light ... great choice :-)


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