Thursday, January 27, 2011

Shadows Once More

Today I decided to try using shadows again with Viewer 2 to see if I crash as much as I used to. Surprisingly, I hardly crashed this time and although I see some jagged edges round the shadows when I zoom in close, still it was a refreshing change for me. I was also delighted to get this free dress from one of my favourite stores Glitter, and while I was there, this new release named Barbie caught my eye, so I bought that too! If not for time, I think I would have bought a few more items! *hee* And I'm sure most of you would have got this free adorable Lazy Bench from aDORKable by now--my avatar looked so comfy sitting there I swear I almost dozed off in RL!

Pic above:
Barbie (includes belt not worn here) from Glitter--new
Jolynn hair (rustbrown) with hat from Ali&Ali--group gift
Elegant Cuff from NCparis--group gift
Greta Glitter Pumps (texture change) from Baby Monkey--group gift
The Lazy Bench (with poses)  from aDORKable--free

Clodette (choker included) from Glitter--800 members special gift
Brookelle Hair from Raw House
Pose from Gesticulate


  1. Yea maybe you didn't crash...

    But once I looked at those yummy pictures I had a crash myself - A CRASH ON YOU!!!

  2. LOL Erwin dear, you sure have a way with words... muachh!

    And thank you Annomis, it was quite nice to use shadows again, as long as I don't crash too much! xxxx


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