Saturday, January 29, 2011

Entitled to Air

Just love these beautiful light airy dresses from Siss Boom...

Air from Siss Boom
Freya hair from S Town
Monroe necklace set from Alisha's Mall--10L (sale)

Entitled (stockings included) from Siss Boom
Pearl Art Deco choker from Alisha's Mall--20L (sale)
Star-Crossed Lovers Ring from Chop Zuey--group gift
Catherine hair from Beautiful Dirty Rich

Poses: Boutique Giada, Glitterati


  1. Beautiful pictures, love those dresses! And you look so tranquil *wonders what is Lisa planning this time* :P

  2. Thank you Corina! Not planning anything naughty, promise! *evil grin*

  3. Beautiful Dresses and Pics! I wish I could take such lovely pics :D

  4. Thank you Lila! Hey you already take FANTASTIC pics! What you talking about girl? *LOL* hugssss


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