Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Oh How I Love Thee Avon + Alpha!

I always look forward to group gifts from Avon + Alpha because designer Michiko sure knows how to make lovely unique pieces, and sometimes they are not necessarily jewellery, as seen in one of the previous gifts (see here) which included an assortment of scarves and sunglasses! So it's no surprise that Avon + Alpha is the one accessory store I blog about most--just do a search for Avon in my blog and you will see why! Oh and about this pic today--it took me like an eternity just to take this one pic! For some reason everything rezzed so slowly for me yesterday, and you see those cute little brown chickens there? Well they were black for more than half hour *sheesh* and my Plurk friend Tarak asked if I had burnt them! Sure gives new meaning to 'burnt offerings'!*hee*

Dress: Star de Malizz from Malizz Yiyuan--group gift
Jewellery: Horseshoe Necklace&Bangles from Avon + Alpha--group gift
Hair: The Affair from Atomic

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