Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Simply Fab!

I love these fabulous hunt items from Simply, a store which I had blogged about previously (see here), especially the naughty bikini with the 'drop' option *hee* and the dotty yellow dress (which certainly suits this hunt perfectly with its bright cheery 'sunshine-y' colour). I also love today's location at Hide & Seek because of its wide open spaces, lush greenery and qaint little shops. It was really quite therapeutic for me as I took my time to look around and to just enjoy a quiet stroll alone. By the way, the Hide & Seek Hunt is still on and I managed to complete it, but I will only be showing one hunt item because most of the rest, especially the dresses, are already all over the feeds.

Bikini: Itsi Bitsi Polka Dot Bikini from Simply--Falling in Love Hunt
Hair: Pury from Ohmai--1L
Hair Accessory: Red Rose Hair Pieces from Cero Style--group gift
Swing: Tree Swing from Awesome Blossom--Hide & Seek Hunt gift

Dress: Dotty Yellow with Black from Simply--Mornin' Sunshine Hunt
Necklace: Black & White Bead Necklace from kitsch me--free
Hair: Hui from DrLife
Shoes: Jayne from Jazumi--lucky board gift
Pose: Greatest Hits from Olive Juice--free (for a pack of assorted poses)

Outfit: Flirt from Simply--Twisted Hunt 2010
Jewellery: Platinum and Ruby Set from RJD--50L
Hair: Lee from DrLife
Pose: True Blood from Olive Juice--1L (for a pack of assorted poses)

Dress and Gown: Turning Time Green (necklace included, with different skirt options) from Simply--Steam 3 Hunt
Hair: Zz504 from DrLife
Poses: HodgePodge from Juxtapose--350L (Project Donate)

Location: Hide & Seek


  1. Beautiful pictures and thank you for blogging my swing!

  2. PS - Are these pictures on Flickr? I'd love to have them added to the Awesome Blossom & Hide and Seek groups!

  3. Hey Clementine!! Thanks for reading my blog! yes they are on Flickr! And love your swing btw! xxxx


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