Wednesday, September 15, 2010

New at Pretty Stick!

Yay! After a brief hiatus, Lili Longfall of Pretty Stick is back with a vengeance with new mini dresses and an exclusive colour just for the Fashion Freaks Hunt! The dress for the Hunt is in a limited edition colour and it will not be on sale anymore once the Hunt is over, so hurry! Oh and one more thing, Lili has also come up with a new range of cheek blushes (for Viewer 2 only) which I'm not showing here because I didn't think my pics will do justice to her amazing work, so it's best you try the demos at the store!

Rainbow Mini Green (Limited Edition)--Fashion Freaks Hunt gift

Rainbow Mini

Ninja Mini

All clothing from Pretty Stick (Thank you Lili)!
*Shoes and accessories not included

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