Thursday, September 2, 2010

My Fine Feathered Friend

For a period of time when I was young I used to live with my grandpa who was a bird-lover, so his house was always filled with the sounds (and smell *heh*) of colourful birds of all sorts, and I would watch him clean them, feed them, and talk to them while they rested comfortably on his arm, very much like today's poses from Just A Pose! Sure brings back memories of the good ol' days....

Dress: Maya (gloves included) from Eccentric--group gift
Jewellery: Palm Set from Aglaia--group gift
Hat: My Fair Lady-Last Summer Fling Chapeau from Couture Chapeau--free (Chigadee's RL birthday gift to all--thank you and happy belated birthday Chigadee)!!
Hair: Tsubaki II from kik

Dress: Geometric Flashback from auTre--new subscriber gift
Necklace: Cats-Up Bottle Necklace from kitsch me--free
Bracelet: Gift Women from JD Design--1L
Hair: Elizabeth from Simply Britnee--new subscriber gift
Shoes: MaryJane from Envy Designs--Vintage Flair Hunt gift

Poses: My Fine Feathered Friend (7 poses--bird included) from Just A Pose--99L (OMG That's Adorable!)


  1. Where in the Aglaia shop did you find the group gift jewellery? ty, ls

  2. Hi Leonie! You can get the group gift by clicking on the subscribo at the store, then check history. Click on number 1, and the gift will be delivered to you:-)) Thanks for reading my blog! xxx

  3. Thanks so much. Yesterday I couldn't get the subo to open history...LS

  4. Hi Leonie,today I went to test the subscribo and it worked! I got another copy of the palm set! :-)) Tell you what, I will contact the designer and ask her for you, maybe I will contact you in world instead? xxxxx


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