Friday, September 10, 2010

Business Class with Pounce!

I love today's outfit from Pounce, a store which I had blogged about previously (see third pic here)--the white and blue shades with cute butterfly motifs are so pleasing to the eye, and the plunging neckline combined with a super sexy mini skirt that barely covers the butt makes this one my favourite outfits of all time, especially when I'm on those hot date nights with my dear Erwin! *hee*

Business Class in Butterfly Blue (shoes and accessories not included) from Pounce

Thank you Melian! xxx


  1. I love it! You rocked those pictures and that hair too! lol *huggles* I am glad you liked it. My fav picture is the top one. You look great!

  2. Ohh glad you liked it Melian and thank you! muachhhhhhhhhhh!


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