Sunday, March 13, 2011

What a Surprise!

I was pleasantly surprised when I got this sexy lingerie gift from MercyL of Mercy Style the other day! This lingerie set is in my favourite girly pink (I'm not ashamed to admit *hee*) and it comes with a pair of lovely matching stockings with cute little ribbons in front and behind! And I was especially touched because it was also named after me! I'm not sure if it's for sale though, but I just wanted to share my delight with you all!

Sexi Lisa lingerie (that's not a typo by the way--hair and stockings included) from Mercy Style--gift (thank you Mercy! xxxxx)
Spring Comes necklace (includes hair and hair accessories not worn here) from Avon + Alpha--1L
Music Note belly piercing from NCparis--group gift
Photo Room (with built-in poses and texture hud) from BehaviorBody--free (not sure for how long though)

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