Friday, March 25, 2011

All New from EMO-tions!

Look out for these fantastic new releases from EMO-tions TOMORROW (Saturday 26 March)!! Smiley

Marla hair (brown)--new group gift!

Sweet Revenge outfit (includes hair and boots)

Babygirl outfit (chestbelt, socks and heels included) worn here with Babygirl hair (blonde, flames) *hair sold separately

Billie outfit (boots included) worn here with Billie hair (with goggles/black, without goggles/snow) *hair sold separately

Taxi to EMO-tions
Poses from Purple Poses, TuttiFrutti


  1. beautiful hair and outfits, I have to check out that Billie hair, looks yummy to me ...

  2. Yes Annomis I think it will look great on you! Happy shopping! hugsssss


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