Thursday, March 17, 2011

Mercy Style Weekend!

It's the weekend again and here are some cute and sexy styles from Mercy Style, all at 70L each! Smiley

Left to rightDelicate Lingerie (includes shoes and stockings), Fushia Flower Gown (shoes and head band included), I Don't Do Ironing (shoes and wrinkles on dress included) Smiley

Left: Mini Hip Dress (includes hair, head band and shoes)
Right: Vintage Peep Show  (Thanks for the emoticon Corina! xxx)--stockings and shoes included

Taxi to Mercy Style (Thank you Mercy!xxx)
Poses from Exposeur


  1. LOL! That emoticon makes me laugh every.single.time! *rawr at the yummy pics*

  2. LOL Corina, same here, thanks for introducing me to it! *hugssss*

  3. Big hug for you Lisa Thank you once again XXX

  4. My pleasure Victoria! LOVE your dresses and outfits! xxxxxx

  5. Lovely pics again! And the moticons are lol! <3

  6. Thank you Moniq! Love those emoticons too LOL, specially the evil grin, thanks to Corina!


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