Friday, March 11, 2011

Treasure Hunt at Paris Metro!

Come join Paris Metro on a Timeless Treasures Hunt (12th -20th March) and this gorgeous pink gown with matching hat will be yours if you find it!

Tahiti Dream Gown (hat included)--Timeless Treasures Hunt gift!

More new releases!

Emerald Sea Star Gown

Be an island girl! (All Tahiti gowns come with matching hats)!

Left to right: Tahiti Dream Emerald Gown, Tahiti Dream Sea Gown, Tahiti Dream Golden Gown
Tahiti here I come! Dancing penguin

Taxi to Paris Metro

*plane ticket to Tahiti, hair and jewellery not included Smiley


  1. wow...those Tahiti dresses are fab , I want a hat like that even in rl and even a dress too, hehe

  2. Ohhh you look gorgeous!!! I'm still waiting for that evil grin smiley in a post :)))

  3. Awww thank you Corina! I'm waiting for that emoticon too *LOL*

  4. Beautiful photos--I love the first one especially!

  5. I love how Paris Metro dresses flow. They are absolutely stunning, and so are you!! Great pics as always♥

  6. Thank you Eliza and Lashae! *big hugssss*


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