Monday, March 28, 2011


I was absolutely thrilled when my friend (also fellow blogger and plurker) Corina Carlberg dropped this pink outfit on me yesterday (she remembered my favourite colour!!), and I got even more excited when I realized it was something she made!!! Way to go, Corina! I love the pretty flower details on the shoulder and sash, and OMG just look at that naughty peek-a-boo butt crack from the low-rise skirt!! My kind of outfit for sure! *hee*

Aggressione Glitter Dress Pink from the Marketplace--free! (Other colours available at only 149L each!)
Hair color sample from Heart Softens--free
Kitty jewellery set from NCparis--group gift
Poses from Annomis Poses and Animations


  1. Wow Lisa the dress looks even better on you! Hello gorgeous!!! *evil smirks at Lisa* :) :) :)

  2. LOL Corina!!! And I can't wait to see more sexy stuff from you!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  3. lovely Lisa:) and congrats to Corina

  4. Thank you Annomis and cheers to Corina! :-)))

  5. Love your insite on fashion keep up the great work. April


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