Saturday, March 19, 2011

Help Japan

There were so many lovely items at the Help Japan Fundraiser that I had a hard time deciding what to buy. In the end I chose this cute hair named Rin II, then matched it with an adorable ruffled top and pretty tulle skirt. They also go so well with my new bracelets and red heels! Then I had such a pleasant surprise when my sweet blogger friend and pose-maker Annomis dropped her new pack of poses named 'Natural' on me!!! By the way I lurrve her poses, and not just because she's a friend--I had seen her poses in her blog posts and since then I just couldn't wait for her to start selling them! So far I have bought her first two packs named 'Relaxed' and 'Dynamic' which I have used in my previous posts, and to me, they are different, unusual, interesting, and a breath of fresh air!

Flower camisole from Ribbon at Help Japan
Tulle skirt from cA at Help Japan
Flower bracelets from Virtual Impressions--free
Rin II hair from Esk-Imo at Help Japan
Ultimate Ingrid shoes from Baby Monkey--new!
Poses 'Natural'  from Annomis Poses and Animations--new! (Thank you Annomis! xxxx)


  1. Ooh, such pretty pictures! And I loooove your windlight!

  2. Thank you Ocean! I figured if my computer can't handle shadows very well, then the least I can do is play with the windlight settings and layering:-))

  3. thank you Lisa:) you are pretty as always...hugs

  4. Aww thank you for the poses Annomis! Muacchh!


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