Thursday, March 3, 2011

Weekend Goodies

Some lovely weekend goodies from these wonderful creators--thank you so much!

Wena Pink gown from House of Beningborough--free
Queen of Hearts Tiara (with emitting heart particles) from Rebel Hope Designs--free
Zina hair from A&A

Outfit (bangles included) from Lillou's Designs--March group gift
Kist hair from Heart Softens

ITgirl dress from Poised--March group gift
154 hair from W&Y


  1. wow love them:) specially the flowered one...winks..i want it badly

  2. Thank you Annomis! I bet the flowered one will look GREAT on you! *hehe*

  3. Oohh the queen of hearts crown! How sweet is that? Love it!

  4. Yes Laila, the crown sure is cute and it's free!! (not sure for how long though)so runnnn!!!! *lol*


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