Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Three dresses, three looks...

party dress
Party Dress (skirt bow and stockings included) from Siss Boom--new! (other colours available)
Art Glass Hairband from ChiChickie--free
Campecina hair from Simply Britnee

leda white
Leda Mini Dress White from Aggressione--new! (99L promotional price-also available in black! See my previous post)
ChaKira hair from ICONIC--new!
White Flower necklace set from Shine

ruxy babydoll
Babydoll Dress Red (two skirt options) from Ruxy--free
Madelyn hair (with hat) from kik--3000 member gift


  1. Three is a good number *grins* And you look stunning :P

  2. pretty dresses:) and you look great in red too hehe

  3. Thank you Annomis! Yeah I liked that shade of red:-))


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