Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Meet Genny & Dany!

genny top

Ayla Verity has just created another pretty top that comes in a few lovely colours with a sculpted collar and bottom, and as usual, I chose a colour close to my favourite pink! I'm also wearing a new skin from Adam n Eve which comes with various eyebrow, lip and eyeshadow tattoo layers as well as manicure and pedicure colours, but because of the limitations of my Phoenix Viewer, I can wear only one tattoo layer, which, in this case, is the brown eyebrow tattoo. So if you love to mix and match and change make-up colours according to your taste and moods, then this skin pack is definitely for you!


Genny top (rouche) from Ayla's--new! (do note the new landmark)
Faded and Torn jeans from GCD
MRI hair from Liriope
Dany Natural skin, eyebrow tattoo and manicure (rose) all from Adam n Eve--new!

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