Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Siss Boom Specials Today!

Two beautiful specials from Siss Boom today...

This is an adorable dress that includes a neckpiece, puff skirt with frills and pants with sculpted cuffs.

green leaves

Green Leaves from Siss Boom
Kaja hair from kik
Yvette Leopard Pumps Black from Baby Monkey--new!

This lovely gown below comes with a long slim skirt, gloves, a strapless sequinned top and an optional sculpt with pretty roses.

linen sequin

Linen Sequin from Siss Boom
Radiance Jewellery Set from Alyssa Bijoux
039 hair from Kyoko's Hair Shop--1L


  1. Pretty looks! I almost went with the hair in the first pic. The second dress is uniquely beautiful.

  2. Lovely pix Lisa, I think those Leopard pumps belong in my inventory!

  3. LOL Laila! I wish they were transferable though! But I'm glad you like my pics! hugsssss


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