Saturday, May 21, 2011


gina 1

Wow, another winner from designer Corina Carlberg of Aggressione! This time it's a black mini dress which comes with a fishnet top, bra, corset, skirt, panties and optional stockings and it's up to you to wear as much or as little as you dare! What's more, it's now sold at a promotional price for a limited time only, so hurry!

gina 2

Gina Mini Dress Black from Aggressione--new! (now only 99L promo price)!!
Pink Love Jewellery Set from N@N@
Garbo hair from Mikan
Poses from Reasonable Poses


  1. Wow!! It looks amazingly hot on you!!! *evil grins again* Sorryyyy I can't help it :))) Great pics Lisa <3

  2. *LOL* Corina! I LOVED wearing your dress!!! Thank you! muachhhh!


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