Saturday, May 28, 2011

A Purrfect Doll!

That's what you get when you match dresses as adorable as these from Dilly Dolls with fab shoes from Purrfect 10!

purrfect doll 1
Bennie Teal from Dilly Dolls--new!
Maia Heels Lace Black from P10--new!

purrfect doll 2
Bennie Brown from Dilly Dolls--new!
Maia Heels Lace Crimson from P10--new!

purrfect doll 3
Maia Heels Lace Brass and Maia Heels Lace Silver from P10--new!

purrfect doll 4
Amara Heels Snakeskin from P10 (VIP gift) and  Serenity Ocean Heels from P10 (standard group gift)

Marigold hair from SFBH--new! (previously blogged)
Poses from Bent, Phresh, agapee


  1. Me too Emerald! Thanks for dropping by! xxxxx

  2. OOOHH Me LOVES those pokidot purty dresses. LACE heels!! count me in, I am gettin a pair.

  3. LOL Laila! OK see you there too! *hehe*

  4. I love the poses too! You look like you're dancing to some great music!

  5. Yes Ocean, I sure enjoyed using those dramatic poses!*hehe*

  6. I so love the new lace shoes from P10!! They are so elegant and sexy!

  7. Cute dresses! I like the lace shoes too. They are different.

  8. Thank you Lashae and KiSMeT! Those lace shoes are my faves too! xxxx


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