Wednesday, May 25, 2011

New from L'Abel!

l'abel 3

L'Abel's new Country Chic Collection (which will be released on 28 May) is full of my favourite pastel colours, frills, lace trims, bloomers, flower motifs  and all things girly! If not for time, I think I would've loved to blog every single item!

l'abel 4
Farmer Girl Peach Set (includes camisole, tunica and bloomers; also available in pink and white) from L'Abel--new!
Silk Road dreads, Beadifull in Green necklace/earring set and Magpies Mirage bracelet from Sari's--all sold separately

l'abel 1

l'abel 2
Enna Lavendel Set (includes camisole, tunica, bloomers and babydoll dress; also available in tan and white) from L'Abel--new!
Tousled hair from  Creatives
Silver Carved necklace from K & K
Bracelets from MB Style

l'abel 5
Savanna Pink Maxidress (also available in blue and green) from L'Abel--new!
Eria hair from HS
Ballerinas from KristicA

l'abel 6
Summer Seagreen Pantsuit (includes pant cuffs and pretty floral motifs; also available in plum and brown) from L'Abel--new!
017a hair from Kyoko's Hair Shop--1L
Bandara Ensemble from MOOD


  1. Lovely pics! And yes, the new L'Abel collection is so beautiful that I'd wear it every day in RL!

  2. Thank you so much Moniq! And cheers to L'Abel's Country Chic!! Woot! *hehe*


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