Monday, May 9, 2011

Monday Mix

Always thankful to generous and talented designers for their wonderful gifts...

Kenghe Petrol dress (hat included) from M E Fashion--MM gift
Raw Minerals necklace and earrings from Aglaia--new!
Madrid hair from Simply Britnee

soft purple
Soft Dress Purple from Glitter--1900 members group gift
On the Edge necklace and earrings from Aglaia--new!
Louisiana hair from Ali&Ali--free (voting present)

ebony leather
Ebony Leather (bangles included) from Glitter--May group gift
Like a G6 necklace from Aglaia--new!
Nemesis glasses from WTG--group gift
Hestia hair from Adoness--group gift
Confidence slingbacks (with texture hud) from NCparis--group gift


  1. Woohoo! I love your look in the last pic! Rocker Chic!


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