Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Spotlight: Waterfall Gowns from Sascha's

I know that the Waterfall Collection from Sascha's Designs has already been all over the feeds, and I usually try not to duplicate what's out there in the blogosphere, but when Sascha asked me if I wanted to blog for her latest collection, I just couldn't say no, after all, her gowns are really some of the most beautiful in SL, and this was the designer I had always admired ever since I came to this metaverse; also, many of my first gowns were from Sascha's Designs--it was a brand that I trusted completely because you can never go wrong with a Sascha gown. In fact I used to tell my friends that a woman is not dressed till she is dressed in Sascha's! These latest Waterfall gowns are again testament to Sascha's superb craftsmanship and close attention to detail, with even more options than before to suit any mood....

Waterfall Gold--a special edition with a few more extras such as a pair of gloves, more skirt options (battleship skirt, sleek train, short train), bolero, fur stola and shawl which are not found in the other Waterfall gowns.

Waterfall Pink

Waterfall Apple

These are just some of the colours that I had chosen to blog about, so do visit Sascha's Designs for the complete range, you will certainly NOT be disappointed!

Thank you Sascha for creating such gorgeous gowns!! xxxxx


  1. Yea, Saschas's is certainly one of the very best gowns designers in SL, your long time preferred gowns designers. But let's not all forget that I am your long time preferred man. Just trying to put things in balance.

  2. Haha Erwin dearie, between you and clothes, there is NO comparison! I win hands down, of course! hehe


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