Friday, March 12, 2010


I was out shopping at Poised SIM one day when I came across Marret (which was new to me) and ended up buying quite a few dresses (bad habit of mine I know *sigh*). But just after I had prepared this post, I found that Marret had moved to a new location with even more merchandise. Only problem was, the Glamour Lace Mini Dress below could only be found at the old location, and since it's one of my favourites, I sure hope this dress will be found at the new store as well (I messaged the designer about this but at the point of publication I still had no news). Nevertheless, take a look at the lovely dresses below:

Dress: Glamour Lace Mini Dress (shoes included) from Marret--60L (the store is just across from Poised, just fly past the dining tables and chairs)
Hair: Blossom from LollipopZ--free (group gift)
Earrings in all pics: KK Jane Jewelry Set (includes necklace not worn here) from KessKreations--1L

Dress: Knitdress Babyrose from Marret--60L (found at both stores, LM given here is for the new location)
Hair: Lynn from Pocket Mirrors--1L
Shoes: Susan Pumps (white satin, stockings included) from Baby Monkey--free (group gift)
Bag: 9 o'clock Black from Pelletteria Morrisey--60L

Dress: India Lace from Marret--90L
Hair: Blossom from LollipopZ--free (group gift)
Shoes: Ultimate Eden Sugar Pink from Baby Monkey--free (MM gift)
Jewellery: Spire Set (with texture change hud) from Faceted

Here I am at the spanking new store with the lace cloudy skirt...

...and here I'm at the old location wearing the mini skirt option and posing next to the pic of one of my favourites *grin*).

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